Winner of the top spot on a famous gourmet site's chocolate shop ranking for 8 consecutive years!
Taking Japan's best Gâteau au Chocolat to the world!



Winner of Japan's top spot for 8 consecutive years in the 'Tabelog' chocolate shop rankings.

KEN'S CAFE TOKYO's Gâteau au Chocolat has been selected as Japan's number one for 8 consecutive years in the "National Chocolate Shop Rankings" on the renowned gourmet website "Tabelog," which features nationwide restaurant information alongside user reviews.
Additionally, it has been chosen for 6 consecutive years in "Tabelog's Sweets Top 100."
Furthermore, we have received numerous awards, including the "Tokyo Award" at the Japan Gift Awards 2015, "TOP 50" at the JAPAN SWEETS AWARD 2016, and consecutive selections in the "Top Selection for Secretary's Reception Gifts" by Nikkei Inc.'s Secretariat Office in 2019 and 2020.


You can enjoy various textures and melting sensations that change with temperature.

KEN'S CAFE TOKYO's Gâteau au Chocolat features a deep flavor derived from specially crafted chocolate and a unique method designed to enhance it.
You can enjoy the rich sweetness and bitterness typical of Gâteau au Chocolat in a harmonious blend.
Depending on the temperature, it offers various textures and melting sensations: at room temperature, it resembles a chocolate terrine; chilled, it gives a sensation of eating raw chocolate; lightly warmed in the microwave, it resembles a fondant chocolate.
These temperature-dependent variations in texture and melt-in-the-mouth experience have received favorable reviews.


Since our founding in 1998, our "Premium Gâteau au Chocolat" made with the world's finest chocolate has achieved numerous accolades, including 8 consecutive years as Japan's top-ranked chocolate shop in the "Tabelog" Chocolate Shop Rankings, selection in the "Tabelog Sweets TOKYO Top 100," and awards such as the Japan Gift Awards.
We have solidified our position as Japan's foremost sweet treat.

With stores nationwide, we continue to captivate gourmet enthusiasts across Japan, including many celebrities.

Moreover, we have been honored by frequent visits from foodies worldwide, receiving high praise.
Therefore, we have decided to expand overseas to share Japan's top flavors with a global customers.

We eagerly anticipate introducing our freshly baked "Premium Gâteau au Chocolat" to everyone around the world.

氏家 健治

Taking Japan's best Gâteau au Chocolat to the world!

"KEN'S CAFE TOKYO" is advancing business development with leading local companies from various countries to become the world's number one "Gâteau au Chocolat" brand.

In response to requests from overseas, we have decided to expand internationally.

While there are many challenges in international expansion, at "KEN'S CAFE TOKYO," we will establish joint ventures with prominent local companies to leverage their networks and expertise to accelerate our global business development.

We aim to contribute to the advancement of chocolate culture worldwide by spreading Japan's top "Gâteau au Chocolat" globally.



Are there any specific requirements for local overseas companies?

We are looking to speak with established local companies that resonate with our vision and are capable of aiming for the top position together.
Which should already have a significant presence and thorough understanding of the market in their respective countries.

Explain the establishment of a joint venture.

Upon mutual discussion, we will enter into a joint venture agreement and proceed to establish the joint venture in the target country based on agreed-upon conditions.

Are license fees and royalties required?

License fees and royalties will be paid to the joint venture after its establishment.
Please note that these conditions vary depending on the country of contract, please inquire for details.


We look forward to receiving inquiries
from everyone.

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